Anna, my daughter, received her Ph.D. in Spanish Literature from the University of California at Berkeley on Friday, 15 May. A series of parties followed...



Anna waits with Overlord Dru right behind her, ready to hood her.



And all of the candidates from the Department of Spanish and Portugese are awarded their doctorates.



Step Dad Larry, and Mom Jo surround their happy daughter with smiles.


And here, the "evil stepmother" Arthur and Dad honor their daughter.


On Saturday, it was off to AT&T Park to honor the new doctor. The Giants lost to the Mets - but we had fun!



Anna wanted so much to have this game as a part of her celebrations.



Larry, David and Tom, and Marilyn share a drink in the backyard at the party on Sunday.



And Anna is happy.


Jo and Larry relax with the other guests



Marilyn talks with Dr. Paul Groth, while Chris and Anna talk, and Tom samples the food.


Omi was one happy Grandmother.


Tom, affecting a Truman Capote pose, relaxes in the front garden.


Mark and Chris pause for a photo


Schwartwälder Kirschtorte



Anna and Melton relax in the back garden.



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MTH 05//23/09