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Art School Confidential, Embarcadero Cinema

Whenever John Malcovich puts his hand to film, I know that I am going to be delighted. Dangerous Liaisons began my fascination with this actor, and this film continues that fascination. Here he, as an art teacher, with a questionable oeuvre, is joined by Angelica Huston, who plays the enigmatic art history teacher, Jim Broadbent, who plays a truly spooky and boozey "artist", and Steve Buscemi, an artistic lethario, along with others who make for an off-beat comedy.

Early on in the film, the charcter "Bardo" (Joel Moore) clues us into the modus. This is a film of clichés. The plot line, the characters, the artwork, the all-of-it is cliché upon cliché. This is beyond the philosophical questions about taste or art - this is about our perceptions of art and artist; and our young hero, Max Minghella, is forced to protray and to suffer them all.

So what do you leave the theater with? Well, some good laughs, the insight of not taking anything too seriously (not even the music), and the reminder that de gustibus non disputandum est (as my father always would say).

Is it worth $10? You betcha!



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MTH 5/12/06
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