Liturgy/leiturgia/Rogation Days - Procession

This page is devoted to liturgy used during the days of Rogation


Some years ago, when my friends Tom and David purchased their property up in Sebastopol, we had always talked about having a "Blessing of the Fields." After the fields and gardens had come into some kind of order, we indeed scheduled what was the first of many such celebrations, always sometime immediate to, but prior to the Feast of the Ascension. The first of these processions was held in 1995, and it has continued every year, excepting one. Last year was special, in that Tom and David had built on their property a Chapel of Saint Fiacre, which was dedicated at the Rogation Procession. The Liturgy for that special occasion is included below, along with this year's service. The 2005 service is based on the Lutheran Book of Worship, while this year's service is based on the Book of Common Prayer.






Dedication, Rogation Procession and Mass, May 2005






Rogation Procession and Mass, 20 May 2006






Rogation Procession and Mass Photographs, 2006





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