Here is a collection of Photographs from various family celebrations:

Anna gets her Ph.D!

Tori's Birthday


Tori's Graduation






Christmass 2008








Tori's Graduation









Tom's Installation at Gethsemane Portland







Bonnie's Photos, and an Album of older Photographs






Lisa's Photos







My Photographs from both Parties







July is the month for birthdays in this family. Bonnie always leads off the parade with a celebration on 3 July. I always remember when she was brought home wrapped up in a cloud of white, nestled in a basinet, there she was with two enormous bright brown eyes staring back. Bonnie is a webmistress, always helpfully pointing out bad links, etc. on this page. She also is an incredible singer. If you've ever heard the Masterworks Chorale, then you've heard my sister Bonnie.


My mother, Ruth Caroline Terrass Hiller, turned 90 on 16 July 2006. We had two wonderful parties for her. The first was at Saint Paul's Lutheran Church in Oakland, where she greeted friends and family, especially from Grace Church in San Mateo, and Zion Church, in Piedmont. Afterward we all gathered at our house to celebrate and to be with family. Of special note was Günter Ortlieb, our cousin, who arrived from Germany Saturday evening as a surprise for Mom. She was just delighted! For pictures click here.

My brother Tom celebrated his 56th birthday on 22 July. We were able to honor him at a family birthday party following my mother's party. Since Tom is a pastor in the Oregon Synod, it isn't all that often that we get to see him, so it was good that we could combine two occasions for celebration at one gathering. Tom loves trains, his wife Lisa, and his kids Alex and Tori, although probably not in that order. Tom has the social conscience of the family - something that I am always grateful for. Happy birthday, Tom.

Tim Morris is my brother-in-(I wish) law. He is Arthur's brother. He has a wonderful son,. Sawyer, who is quite the athlete, and who has the most amazing strawberry blond hair. Tim is quite devoted to "Saw", and it is a delight to see them both together. Friday, 27 July, Tim turned fifty, and there was a grand gathering of the family in Fredricksberg and Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, my office was being moved this weekend, and so I am absent from this wonderful family celebration. None-the-less, I need to say, "Happy Birthday, Tim!" I hope that you have many more. You are a delight to have in my family.


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