My brother, Tom's, daughter, Tori, graduated from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, early in June. These are photographs from her big day, and the family gathering that surrounded her.


Here is my brother Tom and my mother Ruth


And this is Lisa, Tom's wife and Tori's mother.


And finally, here's Tori with a friend at a breakfast before the Graduation Day


Arthur is talking to Alex, Tori's brother, and his fiancée, Grace.


And then there's the boyfriend, Allen.


And at any Hiller gathering there's bound to be a bit of horsing around.


Such as...playing with photography, Brothers!


Or, Brothers and Son.


Hiller Evolution


Finally, Tori walks across that stage and gets her degree


And is happy!


And the boyfriend is glad...


And Mom and Dad are proud.


So we get ready to toast the graduate


And to celebrate!



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MTH 05/27/08