A Hymn to honor Fr. David Forbes

Canon David Forbes served as Interim Rector at Trinity Church in San Francisco for over two years, while the congregation searched for a permanent rector. He is wise, and wonderful pastor and preacher, and a lover of good music. On his last Sunday, 15 October 2006, I hoped to honor him with this hymn which was sung at the Offertory.



Two Hymns for Lent









A Gradual Hymn for Advent

This hymn was written for Trinity Episcopal Church in San Francisco. The first two verses, one general, and the second proper to each Sunday, are sung before the reading. The last two verses are sung following. The proper verses are based on the Old Testament readings.



A Hymn for St. Francis' Day

This hymn was written by Pr. Phyllis Zillhart and myself while we were colleagues at Saint Francis Lutheran Church in San Francisco. Its setting was a play written by Pr. Ruth Frost, presented as a sermon during the Sunday mass on Saint Francis Day in 2001. This hymn surrounded the action of the scenes of the play.


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MTH 10/15/06