The links that follow are for organizations that either I or Arthur are involved in.




Trinity Episcopal Church

San Francisco

This is the church were I am serving as associate priest.


Saint Francis Lutheran Church

San Francisco

Saint Francis is the Lutheran congregation where I spent twenty-two years of ministry, from 1982 until 2004.


 The New Liturgical Movement

This is a blog I've run into several times, and now follow just for the curiosity of it all. It's very retro and usually has wonderful photos and YouTube clips.


 Women Priests in the Roman Catholic Church

Recently I've become acquainted with The Rev. Victoria Rue, and her involvement in this organization. I comment from time to time on the activities of this organization. Sophia at Trinity meets on the second and fourth Saturday of each month in St. Mary's Chapel at Trinity Church. This link serves as serious contrast to the link above.




Stanford Federal Credit Union

Palo Alto

I have also worked at Stanford Federal Credit Union since 1986. Currently I serve as the Vice President Administration. We will celebrate our fiftieth anniversary this year, and have just crossed the $1 Billion in Assets mark.


Café Claude

Claude Alley, San Francisco, between Montgomery and Grant, Bush and Stockton

This is probably one of our most favorite restaurants downtown. Great bistro food, service, and a mean citron presse. If you like jazz, they have a good jazz series as well.


Fuzio Universal Pasta

Embarcadero Center #1

This is a quick and convenient place if you're going to the Embarcadero Cinema. Their pasta is good and their Spring Rolls are the second best that we've had. Our neighbor Kathy, who runs a restaurant in the Mission does a far better version. More about her later...

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