These pages are devoted to liturgical works of various sorts, produced at various times. Unless they are specifically protected by a copyright, they are free to be used and copied.


Rogation 2009 Photos

Rogation Liturgy






Advent Liturgy at Trinity Church, San Francisco

Sunday Bulletin Lectionary Comments

Advent Lectionary Study

Two New Hymns for Advent


Blessing of the Animals


A Hymn Celebrating Ministry



Huguenot Easter Liturgy


Rogation Days - Procession, Procession 2006, Chapel of Saint Fiacre

Rogation Day Procession 2007









Two Hymns for Lent

An Introductory Essay on the Lutheran Liturgy

Luther's Formula Missae for congregational use.

This setting of Luther's Latin Mass, "Formula Missae et Communionis", was used at Saint Francis Lutheran Church, San Francisco, in October 2003. The liturgy was shown on even-numbered pages, while the facing odd-numbered pages showed the service notes.

The Stations of the Cross




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